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background photo by Jenny GG Photography, styled by sane weddings for Offbeat Bride + Ada's Lab.

bec. | lead planner. officiant. slytherin.


It all started back in 2008 when the real estate market crashed. Back then I was freelancing as a marketing and admin specialist for high end real estate agents. But when things got tight, I was the first expense to be let go. A year or so later, as I was planning three of my friends' weddings and my high school reunion (you know, for fun), someone offhandedly said “hey, you’re pretty good at this. Why isn’t this your real job?” Inspiration struck, and my little company was born!

I love what I do and am so thankful I found a way to be myself! I try to use my super powers of OCD, dorkiness, and bossiness in a functional, positive way. I like to laugh and I see the world through glittery, rose colored glasses. I live with my husband and two of my kids in the burbs of Seattle; our oldest lives in the city with his boyfriend and the cutest puppy ever.

I have a thing for drag queens, skulls, and am always down for new tattoos. I like to snowboard and play soccer but I’m terribly uncoordinated and not very good at either of them. I have just discovered a love for hiking and I obsess over my step count daily. I’m not allowed to cook or play with knives, and I generally try to stay out of the kitchen. I love people with some life experience under their belts, who are wise, adventurous, and have a story to tell (tell me all your stories!!). I fight for sanity, love, and equality for all, and I cannot wait to meet you! Please drop me a note, or just pop in on instagram and say hi, because I also obsess over all three of my instagram accounts. 


- bec