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background photo by Jenny GG Photography, styled by sane weddings for Offbeat Bride + Ada's Lab.

alternative. offbeat. non-traditional. fun.


We got started in the wedding business back in 2009 as blush celebrations and quickly found our niche with the heavily tattooed, non-traditional (ie FUN) crowd. We’ve had a glorious ride and met many an awesome couple (and awesome individuals too!). We’ve helped plan weddings with things like fire spinning, lightsaber exits, whiskey towers, inflatable t-rex dancers, pinball battles, and lots and lots of skulls. We seriously have the best job!!

But guys, 2016 was hard. Our beautiful, new to us office (we moved in in March of '16) burned down June 22, 2016 in the Bothell Main Street Fire (you can read about the fire here, and a more personal angle here). We lost everything, and we didn’t have the right kind of insurance (that’s a big ole lesson learned, and a story I’ll share with you over a bottle of Kettle). We survived the experience (Jamie and I even made it to the two weddings we had scheduled the next day!) and we had some great adventures to end the year, but we decided 2017 needed to bring some serious change. The main change was to steal our former tag line and make it our new business name. Thus, Sane Weddings became our new identity.

Though our name changed, we are forever the same offbeat, alt loving, brightly colored crew fighting for love, equality, and happiness. We don't do a whole lot of traditional around here, we’re more about helping you create your own traditions and doing this wedding thing the way you want it done, wedding rules be damned! We like to laugh, we like to have fun, and we LOVE throwing a kick ass party!

You will notice a lot of 'we' statements on here, but also a lot of 'I'. There is a still a team of us accessible to work on larger events as needed, but mainly it's just bec these days as we shift gears and figure out where these adventures will take us next. However many of us you need to help for your event, we've got you! So please, poke around the site, get to know what we stand for, and hit us up; because we can't wait to meet you!!