Budget Weddings

We believe that everyone should have a perfectly sane and happy wedding day, and we wanted to find a way to help within any budget. With that in mind we created our Budget Wedding plan aimed at those of you who understand the importance of having someone to oversee the logistics of the day (because you want to enjoy the moments) but don't have the funds to hire a pro. We will sit down with you and your volunteer of choice about 30 days before your wedding for a fairly lengthy pre-wedding consultation meeting. The onus is on you guys to take all the notes, heed all the warnings, and generally absorb all our wisdom from this meeting. We will help you create a timeline, figure out those things you haven't thought of yet, and give you the tips, tools, and tricks to stay perfectly sane and organized. Because we love you. | $395


For those of you outside the greater PNW, we can totally skype this meeting! Let us help you save your sanity!! (530 CAD, 300 GBP, 370 EUR)

bec @ | 425-260-9443

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