Wedding Consulting Packages

Often couples ask for a bit more guidance than our Wedding Day Management and Getting Started mix. We don't offer full planning packages, but this is what we've worked out to help those who want a little more time with us. 

getting started | you're engaged! now what?

Now that you're engaged, and you've hopefully taken some time to sit back and enjoy that once in a lifetime feeling, the idea of planning this huge event might be a little overwhelming. That's where we come in. We'll start with a bit of homework, figure out what your priorities are, and figure out where to best spend your money. You get two to three meetings where we will help you figure out your wedding vision, narrow down the choices, and put together a custom planning timeline to get you through the rest of the process. We'll break down the planning process into more manageable pieces, and help take all the unknown and overwhelming away. This package ties in nicely with the Wedding Day Management plan and can be done via Skype if you are located outside of the PNW area. | $495

partial planning | monthly consulting sessions

This package is a little more in depth than the wedding day management, but not quite full planning. We will all sit down together once a month (or every other month, or every couple weeks ... we can work those specifics out later) and talk wedding. We will help you break things down into smaller pieces so it's more manageable, and offer ideas, suggestions and recommendations for whatever you need. We will, literally or figuratively, hold your hand through this process. We'll leave each meeting with to-do lists for each of us, with a deadline of the following meeting. This package includes both the Getting Started and Wedding Day Coordination packages, as well as access to our online planning tools to keep everything in one place. There are no travel fees for weddings in the continental US, we just ask that you cover lodging for us. | prices start at $3400

getting unstuck | 30 days of wedding consulting

Sometimes, in the middle of planning your wedding, you hit a lull. Or you get overwhelmed. Or you are desperate to think of something other than your wedding for a while because it seems to be consuming you. Basically, you're stuck. We're here to guide you past this phase so you can get on with the life you had before this wedding thing took up all your time. This plan works as an add-on to most of our Consulting or Wedding Day Management packages. | $350 for each additional month added on.

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