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Planning a funeral during the pandemic.

Through research and conversations these last few months, I have been guided towards a beautiful niche of alternative communities within the death industry, and the realization that there are many ways to handle end of life care and saying goodbye to your loved one. As I learn more about this death positive movement, it’s become a driving force in me to put my event planning powers to use in new ways. 


For those of you facing the death of someone you love in the midst of this pandemic, I want to empower you to take the time you need to say goodbye. There is a funeral industrial complex that carries you through the traditional options and encourages you to make costly decisions quickly. But I am over here, waving my arms, reminding you that you don’t have to do it that way. There are options. I can point you towards resources and rituals that are more in tune to those of you who want to step outside the formal, traditional funeral services.

I am not comfortable charging more than a small stipend as I learn the laws and navigate my way through this similar yet oh so different industry. I am here in an advisory role to listen, share what I have learned that might be relevant, and use my event vendor connections to help you plan a send off true to the life you are celebrating.


Consultation is complimentary. Service stipend will start at $250.

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