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Let's talk about death.

Death is not something many of us willingly talk about, nor are many of us open about the process of grieving the loss of someone we desperately love. But death happens; it’s a fact. And I want to talk about it.


I have spent a lot of time through this pandemic learning about and studying the death industry - more specifically the alternative funeral industry and the way this new generation of funeral professionals is guiding the field. I feel a calling, I am drawn in, but I haven’t figured out quite how I fit yet. I have learned about different death rituals, burial options, private funeral homes, home funerals, pre-planning, and the idea of “putting the fun back in funerals”. I am obsessed with honoring the dead and the rituals around it, the industry itself, and am a huge advocate planning for the inevitable.


In this weird new realm we find ourselves in (the pandemic isn’t over just because you’re over it, as they say), and as I puzzle through my future plans, I have realized my event planning skills can be used in new ways. Helping people plan, handling logistics and organizing gatherings; that’s what I do. I’m good at it. I’ve spent a decade in the event industry honing these skills. Navigating big emotions and the different ways people handle them, thinking outside the box, making things happen smoothly and efficiently ... this is what I love about my job. This is my purpose.


There is no playbook for funerals (as there is no one playbook for weddings), and I know that the grief and disconnect can be immense, confusing and consuming. It’s hard to step outside those feelings to make these huge decisions, and I understand both sides of this f*cked up coin. I cannot fix the loss and the pain, but I can handle the details and help with the process as you and your village navigate the enormity of what is ahead.


If you have questions about death, if you are planning a funeral or memorial service of any kind, if you are lost and need help finding a direction to go with burial options, rituals, or grief, I can help you find an outlet or resource. If you are willing to talk about pre-planning, and living wills (mental health directives being my personal soap box), I will be your new best friend. Email me, text me, send out any sort of signal into the universe … I am here for you. Let's talk about it.


Event planning services for memorials are available.

Pricing and plans can be discussed once we determine your needs.

Advice and guidance, initial consults, and email chats are always free. 

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