Wedding Officiating

Over the years, planning all sorts of weddings for all sorts of cool people, an idea has sat in the back of my head. I love love. The more I think about what I do and the role I can play for the super long term, the more I am in love with the idea of getting to be the one to actually, legally, marry all of you happy, weird, geeky, nerdy people.


I've performed a few weddings over the years, and I really really love it. I love working on the script (um, hello book nerd and wordsmith), I love being up there in front of all your people channeling all the gooey love they are sending your way, and I love learning your stories.  


The STORIES, you guys. I want to hear all of them!!


I want to laugh with you, cry with you, and be totally vested in the future you are creating together. This new venture to Sane Weddings feels like an excellent way to channel the love and rainbows that fill my gothic little heart.

*Glow in the dark, rainbow, unicorn dress is optional. Costumes are encouraged.


Hit me up if you want more info. Let's do this!! Pricing starts at $300.

bec @ | 425-260-9443

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