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bridgette + daniel

Snohomish, WA

"Bec is not just a wedding planner, she's a fairy godmother making all your wedding wishes and ridiculous wedding wants come true. So glad I had her on my side! If you don't get her, you should just elope."

josh + cody

Little Rock, AR

"Rebecca not only helped make our big day the most amazing night ever, but also helped to open my husband and my eyes to a whole new world where being gay is not something to be ashamed of but is just as normal as opening a can of soup. She did all of this without really seeing that what she did for us was so extraordinary. We are forever grateful to bec for everything."

tryg + bitsy

Centralia, WA

"Bec was remarkable as our wedding coordinator! ... without her our day would have gone to shambles. She was rock solid, our "go to" for everything we needed, and the greatest purchase we had for our wedding. Without her we both would have lost our minds! I highly recommend working with her!" 

amanda + josh

Seattle, WA

"[bec] was exactly what I needed - down to her cool props and chill attitude, she has the know how and the ability to wrangle the vendors and me into order. If you are weird, offbeat, quirky, or just want someone who is down to earth, call her. You will not be disappointed. She really does take care of you and your event. I'm a type A personality who is ex-goth / grunge and she just GOT IT right away."

kelsi + kendra

Cupertino, CA

"... Then the wedding came, and the real magic happened. We showed up and the whole thing just sprung up around us, like we were the guests and the production was happening FOR us, not BY us ... We felt sane and collected and had the opportunity to feel present and to really enjoy the day. I am near-certain we wouldn’t have had this without [her]. Bec’s specialty is Day-of Coordination and trust her when she says: “Chill the fuck out!” I promise you: she’s got it!"

kevin + paul

Seattle, WA

"Rebecca was amazing and has my highest recommendation. ... Because of her, our wedding was awesome. She brought fun, excitement for my husband and I, and took the stress out of the process."

jenny gg photography

"Bec will keep you sane and let you truly enjoy your wedding day. As a wedding photographer, I am so grateful when I get to work with Bec and her team - they are awesome!"

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