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alternative. offbeat. non-traditional. fun.

​Sane Weddings has been through a few iterations since we started in 2009. We started as blush celebrations and quickly found our niche with the heavily tattooed, offbeat (ie FUN) crowd. In 2016, after my office burned down (we can talk about that another time), we rebranded everything to Sane Weddings, which felt like a more fitting name for the non-traditional weddings we were helping bring to life. We’ve helped plan weddings with things like fire spinning, lightsaber exits, whiskey towers, inflatable t-rex dancers, pinball battles, costumes, and lots and lots of skulls. 

And then the pandemic happened and … well, you were there. You get it. We hit pause for the last few years to figure out how (or even if) we wanted to fit back into the event industry.

On a personal level, I decided to try out the skills I’ve honed as a small business owner and event manager in new ways. I looked into the death care industry, which has called to me for years. I picked up a few contracts in the corporate world. I realized that no matter what my job title - personal assistant, marketing manager, project manager, business operations - I seem to always gravitate towards events. I love them. I am much more animated when I talk about event life (so I’ve been told), be it weddings, memorials, rituals, or corporate events. I can’t leave this world behind, I love it too much.

Now that I’ve had some time away, I feel like I have a better idea of how I want to morph this business. We are coming back in 2025 with a new list of offerings and I’m super excited to be back to reconnect with my peers, meet new people, and find new souls who think like me. 

Sane Weddings will always be a beacon for the offbeat, alt loving, brightly colored side of life, championing the fight for love, equality, humanity, and happiness. We like to laugh, we like to have fun, and we LOVE throwing a kick ass party!

Stay tuned for our new ‘event life’ offerings, and drop me a line if you have any event related questions.



Check out my testimonials on Wedding Wire (under my former business name of blush celebrations), Google, and Facebook.

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