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About me, the pandemic version

I fell into the wedding business back in 2009 under the name blush celebrations. In 2016, after my office burned down (we can talk about that another time), I rebranded everything to Sane Weddings, which felt like a more fitting name for the non-traditional weddings I was helping bring life to. Working on the alternative side of a very traditional industry is exactly where I belong. I found my niche, my village, and my passion. For over a decade, this was my world.


And then it wasn't.


The pandemic hit the event industry hard, and a lot of us had to rethink and recreate (or pivot, as they say these days). While I figure out where I'm headed, I decided to put my event planning life on pause. I'm still helping people in various ways, planning and organizing to make the world a happier place. I still want to hear your stories, and to talk about love, death, and all things ritual.


If you are getting hitched, or want help or advice on anything related to what I do best, I will happily refer you to the many businesses who survived the pandemic. They are still my village and I trust these people completely. 

If you still want to chat, drop me a line and say hey. I love to hear from y'all. I love to make new friends.


Check out my testimonials on Wedding Wire (under my former business name of blush celebrations), Google, and Facebook.

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