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About me, the pandemic version

I fell into the wedding business back in 2009 under the name blush celebrations. In 2016, after my office burned down (we can talk about that another time), I rebranded everything to sane weddings, which felt like a more fitting name for the non-traditional weddings I was helping bring life to. Working on the alternative side of a very traditional industry is exactly where I belong. I found my niche, my village, and my passion. For over a decade, this was my world.


And then it wasn't. The pandemic hit the event industry hard, and a lot of us are having to rethink and recreate - even still. Prior to the pandemic, I was edging towards live sports + event planning (I got to help out in the suites at the MLS cup when it was in Seattle in 2019 - go Sounders!). While we were in lock down I found myself drawn to the death industry. I have always loved research, and I am digging into this world, and other opportunities within the event industry. My event planning skills are quite useful in many arenas and I am figuring out how to navigate this next chapter one step at a time. I love weddings, I love rituals, and I want to help people handle life and death in the most cathartic of ways.

I still love weddings, and I love dreaming about life on the other side of this pandemic and where it will take us all. I am a PNW native, a Pisces (though I tend to vibe more with my Sag moon), a huge soccer fan, and a lover of books and history. I miss people, I miss hugs, I miss new faces. 


Drop me a line, and say hi. Tell me your story; I love to hear your stories.


Check out my testimonials on Wedding Wire (under my former business name of blush celebrations), Google, and Facebook.