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These days, I find I am happiest when I get to dig into the hippy, witchy side of my being, and I know I have a village out there who feels the same. In this new little side gig, I am looking for a community of like minded people to explore new, interesting tarot and oracle decks with me. There are so many great decks out there that fascinate me, and it’s just not super practical to buy every single one for my own personal use. So ... that's where you come in.


Every month I will find a new deck to work with, one that draws me in with it's art, it's meaning, and it's vibe. I will pull cards for each member through my own ritual, which has quickly become one of my favorite things to do, I've never experienced anything like this! I love spending a few minutes thinking about each of you and pulling a card for you. I love thinking about your reaction as you get it in the mail, what it will say to you. It's a magical moment for me, and it fills me up to have a community of people who are equally invested in this experience. I love hearing the feedback, what your card means to you, how you interpret it over the month or so you have to work with it. I know, in my own right, it has taught me so much more about the cards to have one specific card to focus on each month, and each deck changes the interpretation just enough that it's always new and fascinating.

I will craft this as we go, this little tarot share community; it is a world perpetually in progress. I can’t wait to see where it takes us! Use the form below to join.

Full 2021 subscription | $100

Full subscriptions will include an occasional oracle card mailing in addition to your regular tarot share mailer. Price will be prorated accordingly based on the remaining mailings.


One, three, and six month subscriptions available at $10/month

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