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“I enthusiastically endorse your sweet, sweet planning prowess. You have been practicing and advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility before it was something being preached or broadly embraced. You are all about 'you do you' and allowing people to freely be themselves. That's a priceless skill. It's an investment in being human and celebrating humanity."

allison p.

the Wedding Workbook

Timeline and logistics planning, minus the on site coordination

You tell me everything you know about your wedding, and I'll ask you for even more details. Things you may not have an answer to yet, but that's the point. We'll go through all the steps of our final wedding day management meeting - including vendor coordination, logistics, advice, and recommendations. Once that is complete, we will check in with all your vendors and make you a thorough, synchronized master timeline to help your day run as smoothly as possible. You can hand this timeline off to your person of choice to oversee the details. This does not include day of wedding services. 

Priced at $500

Wedding Officiating

If you have the details already handled and are looking for someone to perform the actual ceremony, I got you. Together we can craft the perfect ceremony (check out these tips we share on Offbeat Bride!) for you and your person, and bring all the flair and fun possible to this most epic of days in this most memorable of years.


Prices starting at $600

Event Planning

Details for full wedding, event, and memorial planning services have been removed. 

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